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EFVV (Europeisk Forum for vaksine årvåkenhet)

Foreningen har et internasjonalt samarbeide med forumet EFVV for å fremme muligheten til et fritt vaksinevalg i hele Europa. 


Deres formål er som følger:  "vaccines and vaccination freedom of choice"

"The European Forum for Vaccine Vigilance is a coalition of groups and persons from European countries who wish to inform the general public, politicians and the press about vaccines and the vaccination procedure in terms of its health benefits and risks.Whilst the EFVV recognizes that vaccination was introduced with good intentions for the health of the world population, there is now over a century and a half of experience with this procedure and a wealth of published medical literature looking at the ‘effectiveness’ and ”safety” of vaccination.


The EFVV aims to promote these aspects to the general public in the hope that it will encourage a call for independent research from each people, our health departments and governments and a re-evaluation of the procedure itself.

On this website we provide overall information per each country where we can directly collect these data and relevant news and events discussing the vaccination procedure and the vaccines worldwide.

We also aim to promote freedom of choice as to vaccination in all European countries and to support correct and effective adverse events following immunisation national reporting systems and the exchange of information."

Dette er deres hjemmeside:

EFVV har forfattet et internasjonalt opprop som vi oppfordrer alle til å signere: "Fritt vaksinevalg i hele Europa!"

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